The Henri Lebesgue Center offers high-level mathematics training. Based on a particularly wide range of courses, varied complements and first-rate research, our Masters courses train mathematicians for research and industry professions.

Fundamental and applied mathematics pathway

This pathway includes the fundamental Mathematics pathways from Rennes-Brest and from Nantes-Angers-Vannes. Students enrolled in one of the two pathways benefit from the Master Lebesgue's global offer, in terms of courses and complements. Advised by the Master coordinators, 2nd year Master students can compose and validate an "à la carte" curriculum. In general, courses take place in Rennes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and in Nantes on Monday and Thursday.


The Henri Lebesgue Center finances student travel between the Rennes and Nantes sites. It supports this pathway by offering Master scholarships, as well as courses of french as a foreign language and assistance to foreign students to get housing. Practical and detailed information is provided on the respective web sites.


three main axes
  • Algebra-Geometry
  • Analysis
  • Probabilities

The first year of the Master's degree takes place at Rennes, Brest, Nantes, or Angers.

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Professionalizing courses

Information mathematics, cryptography (Rennes)

Scientific computing and modelling (Rennes)

Applied mathematics - statistics (Rennes)

Modelling, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (Nantes)

Statistical Engineering (Nantes)

Data science (Angers)


Useful information: On choosing a thesis advisor.