Rennes, from august 26th to august 30th 2019

Organization board: Sorina Ionica, Holly Krieger, Elisa Lorenzo García

This is a workshop that aims to support new collaborations for early career women in number theory. Before the workshop, each participant will be assigned to a working group according to her research interests. Prior to the conference, the project leaders will design projects and provide background reading and references for their groups.

Full details about the workshop can be found at here .

The group projects will be:

  • Ramla Abdellatif, Universitè de Picardie & Agnès David, Laboratoire de Mathèmatiques de Besançon & Lara Thomas, Laboratoire de Mathèmatiques de Besançon. Title: TBC

  • Irene Bouw, University of Ulm & Elisa Lorenzo GarcÌa, Université de Rennes. Title: Reduction types of plane quartics in special strata of their moduli space

  • Eimear Byrne, University College Dublin & Relinde Jurrius, The Netherlands Defense Academy. Title: q-Analogues in Combinatorics

  • Alice Garbagnati, Università Statale di Milano & Cecilia Salgado, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Title: Fields of definition of elliptic fibrations on K3 surfaces.

  • Elisa Gorla, University of Neuchâtel & Emanuela De Negri, University of Genova. Title: Groebner bases

  • Holly Krieger, University of Cambridge & Nicole Looper, University of Cambridge. Title: Arithmetic Dynamics

  • Kristin Lauter, Microsoft Research & Chloe Martindale, Technical University of Eindhoven. Title: Isogeny graphs

  • Lilian Matthiessen, KTH & Damaris Schindler, Utrecht University. Title: On the representation of tuples of integers by systems of quadratic forms

  • Rachel Newton, University of Reading & Ekin Ozman, Bogazici University. Title: Failures of the Hasse norm principle in function fields

  • Kathrin Maurischat, University of Heidelberg & Lejla Smajlovic, University of Sarajevo. Title: Construction of non-holomorphic Poincarè series by generating kernels